League Expectation & Rules

Proof of vaccination requirement




By order of the PHO, proof of vaccination will be required to access some events, services and businesses. Starting September 13, you must have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. By October 24, you must be fully vaccinated.

Please do not register if you are not planning to get vaccinated. Your team will be responsible for giving your money back should you become ineligible to enter the community centre due to not being double vaccinated when the league starts.






Teams are expected to have 5 players to start the game.
Players must be registered under Basketball BC and be on the Team Roster.

Players MUST wear a King of the Court Basketball Jersey.


League Rules

  1. You must have 5 Players to start the game. Failure to do so will be considered a forfeit. If your team forfeits a game there will be no fine but if your team forfeits for the second time your team will be fined $100 payable before your next game. If the team is unable to  pay the fee, the remainder of their season is cancelled.

  2.  Your Team must be on time. You have a 10 minutes grace period after the warmup to have  5 players on the floor. 

  3.  A team may add another player during the season but the player must first be registered under BASKEBTALL BC and have the proper King of the Court jersey.

  4.  You cannot add players during the playoffs. They must play in one regular season game  to be eligible to play in the Playoffs. 

  5.  A team may add a player during the playoffs if the fifth player is injured and cannot have  5 players to start the game. The additional player cannot be from another team.


  7.  Players engaged in this activity will no longer play in the league in the years to come.

  8.  TWO Technical Fouls in a game results in a one game suspension. THIS CAN BE CARRIED  OVER TO THE FOLLOWING SEASON.

  9.  If a player once again receives another Two Technical Fouls for the second game during  the season, the player is suspended for 2 games.

  10.  If a player receives Two Technical Fouls for the third time, they are suspended for the  remainder of the league.

  11.  Players who damages gym equipment or any part of the facility will be responsible for  fixing the damage.



Game Rules

  1. Each Quarter is 10 minutes long.

  2. The last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter is Stop Time (time stops when a basket is made or dead ball)

  3. You have 10 seconds to cross half court before it is a violation. 

  4. There is no shot clock due to a broken shock clock system in the Gym. However, the last two minutes of the game has a 30 seconds shot clock and the referee will inform you. 

  5. Each team has 2 time outs per half and 1 time out in Overtime.

  6. Overtime is 5 minutes