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Safety Plan

King of the Court Basketball League
Health and Safety Plan

(Updated October 20, 2021)

King of the Court Basketball League is committed to providing a safe and healthy space to play the game of basketball. To ensure we have a safe and healthy season, KCBL has developed the following COVID-19 Safety Plan. All players are all responsible for implementing this plan. Our goal is to limit and prevent the potential for transmission of communicable diseases and COVID-19 in our league and that requires full cooperation among the players, spectators, staff and referees. Only through this cooperative effort can we establish a safety and enjoyable season for everyone.


The KCBL Safety plan has been developed in order to ensure: 

  • Health and safety for all players and referees

  • Safety procedures are in alignment with orders and recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer 

  • Our league is compliant with any Provincial Orders to ensure health and safety of our players 

  • Changes are made to spectators in order to reduce the risk of infection to and from our participants in the league


Mandatory Vaccination for Covid-19 is in place for everyone entering the gymnasium aged 12 and older.


Players will be screened during their first game and will be required to show proof of double vaccination with the BC Vaccine Card and a piece of ID. Failure to provide proof will result in not being able to enter the gymnasium.


Health and Wellness

Players must self-assess for symptoms of COVID-19 and are instructed not to play or enter the gym. Players must inform their team and league manager immediately if they are experiencing or have any COVID-19 like symptoms. This is mandatory.


Players with signs or symptoms of illness, as well as those in self-isolation or quarantine in accordance with public health directives, are not permitted to enter the facility under any circumstances.


Please practice good hygiene.



A Mask Order is in place at Oliver Woods Community Centre for everyone 5 years and older.


Players waiting for their game to begin are required to wear a mask.


Once your warm up begin, players may remove their mask. It is up to the player’s choice to wear a mask while sitting on the bench during their game.


Scorekeepers are required to wear a mask.




Everyone entering the facility must have a purpose and in our case it is to play a basketball game. No spectators are permitted to watch games sitting in the common areas outside the gym door or on the second floor.


Spectators (non player) are discouraged due to limited space in the gym.


When entering the gym before your game time, please enter the gymnasium and sit on the bench designated for players waiting for their game time. This bench will be located near the storage room doors. While waiting, please wear your mask until your game begins.